Hello, my name is going to be kept anonymous on here. This is my space to write about my journey of a healthy life, as well as other things that arise. I’m currently working towards becoming vegetarian, and I felt that having a place to write would help hold me accountable. I want to be able to share my journey and hear others going through similar journeys, or even opposite journeys. Health is not only physical, but also mental. I will be sharing my journey of keeping my mental health on track, and how I manage self-care when life is overwhelming. As with life, things pop up, and other things are prominent. I’ll be sharing some opinion pieces on these prominent events, but I will try to limit those.

Here’s a bit about me: throughout my life, I have lost 60 pounds, and am looking for new ways to continue living healthy. I watched a documentary on how eating meat is unhealthy for the environment, and have also been realizing how unhealthy I feel when I eat a lot of meat. Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt, but every day it has led to me feeling not the greatest. I have been trying a variety of vegetarian and vegan recipes, right now my favorite is Vegan chili. It’s been incredibly eye opening to see how fabulous foods taste without any meat product. Due to work, I haven’t been the best at making meals. I have been buying frozen vegan and vegetarian microwavable meals, and those also taste better than meat based. Vegetables are quite versatile, and I encourage you all to try eating meals that are more vegetables than anything else, you’ll be surprised.

I’m a person who struggles with ruminations, overthinking, and just thinking too much. Cooking has been one past time that I can partake in that allows me to be me, but I’ve also learned to love meditation. I use the Headspace app, and I adore it. The voices of the people who lead the sessions are soothing, which makes for great sessions. Headspace allows for people to go through different courses to focus on various things people need help with. The first course is a basics course, which introduces meditation to all. There’s variety to the courses, from self-esteem to managing anxiety to even ways to be more productive at work. I highly recommend the app for anyone who can use some guidance with meditating. Along with meditation, I enjoy mindfulness, and just being present in every minute. It’s changed my perspective on a lot, but like all things, I can be more mindful of life.

This is just the beginning of my journey here, and I hope that I can teach you something about life, or even just bring some light to your life.

Take care!


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